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Novel Approaches for Predicting Unstructured Short Periods of Physical Activities in Youth: Study 2 – Validation of New Techniques

Description: 2 to 3 day study to observe and assess unstructured youth physical activity behavior in their home environment and an after-school or park environment.

Research Study Type and Location: Direct observation and objective assessment of unstructured physical activity. Research visits will take place in the participant’s home and an after-school program environment such as a structured program sponsored by a school or community partner or a local park/playground of your choosing.

Study Purpose: To assess the type and amount of physical activity youth obtain in two different unstructured environments using wearable sensors placed on different locations on the body such as the wrist, hip, and ankles.

Study Design: Participants will be observed on two (or three) separate days in 2-hour segments, once in the home, and once in an after-school program type environment. During these visits participants will wear a set of physical activity monitors and a portable system to measure the air that they breathe. Once set up with the devices, the research staff will observe and video record participants as they perform physical activities of their choosing for the 2-hour segment. During the home visit, participants will have their height, weight, and body composition measured. Additionally, participants will complete a 30-minute resting measurement where they are asked to lie down and be still to collect a resting baseline.

Study Requirements: Youth ages 6 to 18 years old who can read and speak English will be considered for enrollment. Eligible participants and their parents/legal guardians will meet with the study staff so that the study can be explained,
and informed consent and assent will be given. Participants will be free from musculoskeletal injuries that would prevent them from participating in physical activity. Participants will be screened with a health history questionnaire that is filled out by the parent/legal guardian. If the participant has any contraindications to
exercise testing, such as acute illness, a heart condition, or asthma, they will be excluded from the study.

Study Duration and Time Commitment: If eligibility requirements are met, an initial home visit will be scheduled at your convenience. This visit will last approximately 3-3.5 hours. During this time all enrollment documentation will be reviewed and signed, height, weight, and body composition measurements will be taken, and the first of the two study visits will be completed including a 30-minute resting assessment at the beginning of the visit. Following the initial visit, a second visit will be schedule at your convenience. This visit will last approximately 2.5-3 hours. Ideally, the second visit takes place in a different environment of your choosing such as a park, playground, or regularly scheduled after-school program activities (with permission from the program). Participants will be compensated for their time as follows: 1) $25 Target gift card for completing the 30-minute resting measurement, 2) $25 Target gift card for the home visit, 3) $25 Target gift card for completing the
after-school visit for up to a total of $75.

Study Contact: For more information about the study or to enroll please contact the Applied Physiology Lab staff at or 865-974-5651. Investigator in charge: Dr. Scott Crouter, Ph.D. (, 865-974-1272)